Aaron Meyer: Live at the Madrid Theatre

Aaron Meyer - Live at the Madrid Theatre

After Hours - Aaron Meyer

First Light
From the Mountain
Malibu Sunset
A New Direction
Tuesday's Groove
Cosmic Connection
Above the Clouds
We Are All The Same
Road to Napa

Aaron Meyer - piano/keyboards
Fred Beerstein - oboe
Avi Bialo - trumpet
Stephen Bock - guitar
Buddy Goldfarb - alto sax, flute, clarinet
Darryl Lieberstein - bass
Ken Meyer - drums/percussion
Eliza Poehlman - vocals

All music composed, arranged, and produced by Aaron Meyer
"We Are All The Same" by Aaron Meyer, Allen Tyrone Johnson, and Erik Isaacs

Recorded live at the Madrid Theatre on January 8, 2006
Recording engineer: Paul Wittman
Additional engineering: Paul Tavenner
Mixed and edited by Aaron Meyer

© 2006 Aaron Meyer - Opus 26 Publishing (ASCAP)

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