Aaron Meyer: Arrival


After Hours - Aaron Meyer

First Light
Malibu Sunset
Tuesday's Groove
From the Mountain
Carried Away


Aaron Meyer - piano, keyboards, drums, percussion
Joshua Barroll - timpani, chimes
Fred Beerstein - oboe, english horn
Avi Bialo - trumpet
Ruth Bruegger - violin
Ernie Chang - tenor saxophone
Doug Cotler - acoustic guitar
John Fare - cello
Buddy Goldfarb - alto saxophone, flute, clarinet
Darryl Lieberstein - electric bass
Ken Meyer - drums
Eliza Poehlman - vocals
Phyllis Rautenberg - french horn
CHS Vivace Choir - vocals

All music composed, arranged, and produced by Aaron Meyer

Recorded at Big City Recording Studios in August 2003
Mixed and Engineered by Paul Tavenner and Aaron Meyer

"Carried Away" recorded at Callaci Studios in September 2002
Mixed and Engineered by Richard Callaci and Aaron Meyer

Synthesizers and percussion for "Discovery" recorded by
Richard Callaci and Aaron Meyer

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