Aaron Meyer: After Hours

Aaron Meyer - Live at the Madrid Theatre

After Hours - Aaron Meyer

Cosmic Connection
We Are All The Same
Parametric Impressions
Parametric Impressions (Reprise)
Steppin' Easy
Celestial Ride
After Hours
Jumpin' Ivory


Aaron Meyer - piano, keyboards, drums, percussion
Stephen Bock - acoustic & electric guitars
Karthik Suresh - electric, fretless, & upright bass
Buddy Goldfarb - alto saxophone & clarinet
Fred Beerstein - oboe & english horn
Avi Bialo - trumpet
Jon Katz - trombone
M.B. Gordy - percussion
Ken Meyer - drums
Jon Merola - electric bass
Kelly Swaim - flute
Jieun Oh - flute
Catherine Ho - oboe
Erica Cherry - clarinet
Adam Sadovsky - alto saxophone
Stephen Hinshaw - tenor saxophone
Ryan Timmons - french horn
Jared Stein - violin
Alison Wong - violin
Kershena Liao - violin
Blair Foley - violin
Alessandra Aquilanti - viola
Chris Bowen - viola
Michelle Kwon - cello
Eliza Poehlman - vocals

Lead vocals on "We Are All The Same" by Ronee Martin
Background vocals: Sheryl Braunstein, Doug Cotler, and Eliza Poehlman

All music composed, arranged, and produced by Aaron Meyer
"We Are All The Same" by Aaron Meyer, Allen Tyrone Johnson, and Erik Isaacs

Mixed & Engineered by Aaron Meyer and Paul Tavenner.

© 2008 Aaron Meyer - Opus 26 Publishing (ASCAP)

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